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“The real difference that we see with AMCs is that there’s a level of expertise that we often don’t see in a stand alone association. When you hire a consultant, you hire a consultant typically because they have a depth of experience in a particular are. And AMCs – to a great extent – are like a company of consultants.”

Hugh K. Webster

“I think what I’m proudest about is the fact that our staff is so driven and so passionate about [our clients]. … Just being able to work with your clients on their mission and bringing everyone to the table to move that forward and having a staff that is truly excited about coming to work every day, ready to make that happen.”

Kate Banasiak
President & CEO
Diversified Management Services

“AMCs bring to the table shared expertise from other associations that they work with and best practices. They can use some of the knowledge and successes that they’ve had with one client to help another client.”

Pamela H. McKenna, CAE
McKenna Management, Inc.

“In terms of the future of AMCs, I think it’s smooth sailing ahead for us. I say that because it is getting more and more difficult for stand alone associations to absorb the overhead that they have to have. In this day and time, with all the regulations in terms of employees and how you deal with them, the fact is that when you hire an AMC, you don’t have to deal with those [problems].”

Richard Cristol
Kellen Company