What are AMCs

Association management requires a lot of know-how – and a lot of legwork. To be effective, you need knowledge, expertise – and staff support – across a broad spectrum of professional disciplines – from accounting and meetings management to strategic planning and membership development. You also have to understand the idiosyncrasies that are unique to nonprofit organizations, like working closely with volunteer Boards.

AMCs, an abbreviation for association management companies, are for-profit businesses that do just what the name says – manage associations to help them grow and prosper. They offer the expertise, staffing and resources that allow professional societies, trade groups, not-for-profits and philanthropic organizations to effectively manage day-to-day operations and advance their long-term goals. AMCs deliver high levels of expertise and accountability so that associations can continue to increase their value and relevance to members.

AMCs provide their clients with unparalleled flexibility, agility and financial advantages, which makes the AMC model a good alternative for managing many nonprofit organizations.

Learn more about the advantages AMCs offer by watching an introductory video or visiting Benefits of AMCs.