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2015 ELF Program
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Part One - Sauder School of Business  |Executive Education

The Creative Imerative

Dr. Darren Dahl, Sauder School of Business

Creativity is a skill that organizations need to understand and develop in order to be innovative and successful. Leaders that are creative effectively solve problems and move their organization forward with success. The morning session will focus on how to develop your own creativity and effectively leverage this ability to build an innovative organization. CAE - 3.0 Hours - Domain 1: Strategic Management. A: General Management 


Elaine Williamson, Sauder School of Business

For an entrepreneur, mastering the art of story-selling is a key to building a successful business. Successful brand builders understand that while content is critical, your brand must build trust with your customers.

Story-selling, blending your brand’s message with emotion and entertainment creates the human side of your brand. People remember stories long after they remember facts. The afternoon session will focus on developing the skills to build and practice telling a story for an upcoming sales opportunity and encourage you to consider how you can use stories to differentiate your business within a crowded marketplace. CAE - 3.0 Hours - Domain 1: Strategic Management. B: Identity and Branding

Building Your Brand Around Core Values That Resonate

Dr. Timothy Silk, Sauder School of Business

Building brands is about creating meaningful associations – thoughts, feelings and beliefs – that are evoked when people think about a brand. This session will introduce a novel approach to brand building where brands are built on shared values that resonate with the target audience rather than characteristics of the product or service.

The session will show examples of how this approach has been successful in building highly differentiated brands across a wide range of industries, and how this approach can be used to build and strengthen your brand as an industry. Participants will work to identify core values that could serve as the foundation of their brand. The morning will conclude with a discussion of best practices in managing brands through a crisis, and how this relates to an industry. CAE - 3.0 Hours - Domain 1: Strategic Management. B: Identity and Branding

Part Two - Win Without Pitching
Pricing For Profit

Blair Enns
You are only a few percentage points of price increase away from a dramatic rise in profit, yet that small gain feels so elusive. There are so many reasons why you cannot increase your prices: the clients, the competition, the market. The real obstacles however are in your head – how you think about the value you deliver – and in the way you structure your proposals. In this workshop Win Without Pitching founder Blair Enns will teach you to think about your own value differently and price your services closer to the value you create for your clients.

You will learn:
• The many ways you deliver value for which you are not being compensated
• Five key pricing principles that will change how you talk about value and price
• How to align your price to value instead of cost
• How to present proposals in ways that your clients' brains are better wired to process

CAE - 3.0 Hours - Domain 1: Strategic Management. C: Financial Management

This program can be used for 12 continuing education hours toward obtaining or maintaining your Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation.



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