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Thinking Outside the Box
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Three Reasons to ‘Go Back Tomorrow’

There is the story about Sally that came home from her first day at school and her Mom asks, “What did you learn today?” Sally replies, “Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow!”

We have all heard the statistics that we re-learn everything we know every seven years. We all want to grow our AMC, improve client services and have a positive employment environment. Here are three top reasons to keep ‘going back tomorrow’ and maximize operations at your AMC through attendance and engagement at AMCI events. 


Stay on Top of Your Game
Almost 60% of our staff at Association Services Group are millennials (ages 18-34). These young professionals are dynamic, engaging and driven. They, along with our Gen X’s and a few Baby Boomers, challenge me to be on my game – everyday. Staying involved and continuing to learn through AMCI’s resources allows me, as a leader to stay informed on best practices for both our company and as a CEO. Using this, I can keep leading and challenging the staff to work harder and better. 

Stimulate Growth for Your Company
Association Services Group has been an AMCI member since 1999. I have attended every annual meeting (except one) in those seventeen years, and remained active at most of the AMC Engaged and other workshops.  For those ‘old timers’ reading this, I even attended many of those one day workshops called ‘Roadshows’ that brought us together in small regional meetings.  These AMCI meetings always leave me feeling as if I need to ‘go back tomorrow’ to the next meeting.  There is always more to learn! 

Every AMCI meeting over last 20 years has given me something to take home - new ideas, new software, a new marketing program, a new client service - that helps grow my business.  Don’t miss out on the opportunities through AMCI to stimulate growth and positive change for your company!

Gain Invaluable Education and Resources
Don’t let time demands or financial cost keep you from the opportunities at AMCI Meetings.  In the long run, it costs your AMC more to stay at home and miss these learning opportunities than it does to attend.  I attended my first AMCI meeting in 1999. Sue Pine was my Ambassador and my company had 5 small clients and 7 employees.  Today, ASG is proud to manage 13 full service clients and be home to 30 employees!

Are you interested in seeing your business grow? Be sure you are like Sally in the story, ALWAYS ‘go back tomorrow’! AMCI is your company’s ticket to growth, profitability and client service. 

Am I ‘going back tomorrow’?  You better believe it!! 



Charles Hall

AMCI Immediate Past Chair


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