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AMCs: Increase value + grow non-dues revenue with programmatic advertising
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AMCs: Increase value + grow non-dues revenue for associations with programmatic advertising.


by JP Guilbault, CEO



Programmatic advertising is powerful to advertisers. It takes advantage of machine learning technology and analytics, and it automates the processes that give them headaches. With RTB, parameters are set, such as bid price and network reach. A programmatic ad layers these parameters with behavioral or audience data within the same platform. In this case, using data from each association’s member base.  


Advertising budgets, goals and attribution models become defined, while the platform nimbly adjusts dozens of variables in real time based on performance to determine the right campaign settings, achieving the advertiser’s desired ROI. Algorithms that filter impressions based on exact data allow associations and their advertisers to spend more time growing their business and less time reading spreadsheets.  


Automated media planning through tens of thousands of ad exchanges delivers benefits to associations and their advertisers. Member-based data influences automatic cherry picking of impressions and optimizing at the impression level across the entire web. The automated placement process selects precisely who to serve impressions based on data advertisers think are pertinent to their campaign. A campaign ad may only show on a specific site if the right member browses that site.  


The quality and targeted nature of member-based data provides advertisers with higher conversions. This results in recurring media buys and ongoing campaigns, generating new revenue for associations and more clicks and leads per ad dollar spent for advertisers.  


American Marketing Association, the largest marketing association worldwide, is an initial user of programmatic advertising. “We’re always looking at opportunities to maximize revenue and profitability,” said Barbara Grobicki, chief alliance officer, AMA. “Using this platform allows us to see exactly how to plan and execute campaigns, and deliver measurable value to our advertisers and sponsors.”


An advanced ecosystem has formed around programmatic advertising. Clearly, it will dominant market share of online display buys and rapidly evolve into an essential tool for associations to keep advertisers happy and develop new streams of non-dues revenue. Want a simplified overview of how programmatic advertising works? View the infographic here.


To learn more about how programmatic advertising can work for your association visit YM.  


About the Author

JP Guilbault drives YourMembership’s vision of being a recognized leader for connecting people and organizations to what they value most. He is a visionary technology executive, adept at creating software solutions that simplify the way people connect, engage and learn, as well as work online and offline. He has a successful track record for driving growth and delivering “surprise and delight” during the customer experiences with companies that include Dun and Bradstreet, Intuit and Constant Contact. He’s known for bringing unique insight to engage talent and develop an organizational culture that creates more value than captured. His favorite quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” (Walt Disney) His favorite non-work activity: online video gaming. What’s on his desk? A Nerf gun and iPad.

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