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Enhance Your Buying Power

In a down economy, you're likely to hear heightened talk of the "value of money." It's not just about how much you have in the bank, but about buying power, as measured by the quantity and quality of products and services your organization can buy.

Stretching a dollar will get you so far, and of course it's important to identify and work to remove any gratuitous expenses. But in true association fashion, joining together with other organizations that have similar purchasing needs can effectively minimize costs and 'up' the value of your money.

Buying in bulk reduces service fees and purchase rates. Plus, pooled resources improve the ability to obtain goods and services, and boost negotiating power. The greater the volume of business, the greater the savings.

Associations and nonprofits managed by AMCs are able to leverage extensive buying power when it comes to meeting planning, marketing and communications, creative services and technology, among others.

Because AMCs are responsible for negotiating contracts with outside vendors on behalf of thousands of associations and nonprofits, they have developed vast networks of insurance providers, printers, meeting venues and more. By working with these suppliers on a regular basis, AMCs often realize savings which are then passed along to their association clients.

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