Full-Service RFP: MPI Chapters

Please read this section carefully if your chapter is seeking full-service management as the below instructions will guide you in the RFP process.  Please note: AMCs request a minimum of 21 days to evaluate and respond to your RFP.

  1. Begin by downloading the fillable PDF RFP form
  2. Make sure to include supplemental documents such as Scope of Services, any financial documents, bylaws, chapter policies, and/or a business/strategic plan.
  3. Once you have completed the RFP form, please click here to upload the form and your supporting documentation.  Supplemental documents should include items such as Scope of Services, any financial documents, bylaws, chapter policies, or a business/strategic plan.

After you submit your completed RFP, you will immediately receive a confirmation message on your screen. Please allow 2-3 business days for your RFP to be reviewed by an AMC Institute staff member. This is a review to ensure all required materials are present; it is not a review of the content itself. Someone will contact you if additional documentation is needed.

Once your RFP is approved by an AMC Institute staff member, it will be posted for AMCs to review. AMC members interested in bidding on your RFP will respond directly to you.

Supporting Documentation
You will need to upload supplementary documents as part of the RFP process. Provide as much information about your chapter as possible. We highly recommend that you include information on the project/program budget, as well as any other relevant materials. 

Keep in mind that the Scope of Services document (download the template here) is required. Please follow our guidelines for your Scope of Services document. Following these guidelines will help ensure you receive quality proposals that are responsive to your needs. The complete Scope of Services document is distributed to the membership. Incomplete materials will cause a delay in your request. Click here to see an example of a completed RFP.