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2018 Annual Meeting
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2018 Annual Meeting 

February 7-9, 2018
Pan Pacific Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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Join us for the 2018 Annual Meeting February 7-9 in Vancouver, Canada!


Pan Pacific Vancouver
999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC, V6C 3B5

The luxurious Pan Pacific Vancouver, enjoys a privileged position atop Canada Place, home to the Vancouver Convention Centre. Featuring floor to ceiling windows with stunning views of Vancouver’s magnificent North Shore Mountains, Coal Harbour and city skylines, Pan Pacific Vancouver offers 23 event rooms totaling over 42,000 sq. feet.  Our award winning event services team has expertise and versatility to cater to intimate private board meetings or lavish, social affairs of up to 2000 guests held in our spectacular four story atrium.







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Association Management Company Member  $750  $850
Additional Association Management Company Member   $675 $775 
Associate Member (Vendor/Supplier)  $1,150  $1,250 
Additional Associate Member (Vendor/Supplier)   $1,050 $1,150
Guest (access to all evening receptions only) $349  $349

The refund policy is as follows:
Cancellations received 30 days prior to meeting date:  Registrants will receive all amounts paid to AMCI minus a $75 handling fee. Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to the meeting date, or cancellations received during the meeting: A refund is not available.

To cancel a registration, please e-mail Trista Boyd at tboyd@amcinstitute.org.

To reserve your room by phone: 
Reservations ID:  AMCI0218 (Please quote to the Reservations Agent)
Reservations Direct Phone: 604-662-3223
Reservations Direct Fax: 604-895-2469
Toll-Free Numbers: 1-800-663-1515 (Canada)/ 1-800-937-1515 (USA)

If you have any questions regarding your reservations please email: Reservations@PanPacificVancouver.com


Download the Final Program 

Attendees can earn up to 9.25 hours for CAE credit by attending educational sessions. AMCI will maintain records of your participation in accordance with CAE policies. 

*Please note, this schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

9:00 - 10:00 am AMCs Engaged! Committee Meeting
10:00 - 11:00 am  Annual Meeting Committee Meeting
10:00 - 11:30 am  Accreditation & Standards Committee Meeting 
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Influencer Task Force Meeting  
11:00 am - 12:00 pm  Online Education Task Force Meeting   
12:00 - 1:00 pm  Associate Member Committee Meeting 

12:00 - 3:00 pm

Accreditation Workshop 

1:00 - 3:00 pm  Community Engagement Committee Meeting  
2:00 - 4:00 pm  ASAE AMC Section Council Meeting (Invitation Only) 
2:00 - 4:00 pm ASAE Key AMC Committee Meeting (Invitation Only)
4:00 - 6:00 pm  Speed Dating 
6:00 - 7:00 pm

First Timers Reception

7:00 - 9:00 pm Welcome Reception
Pan Pacific Vancouver


Thursday, February 8, 2018

8:00 - 8:45 am Breakfast
Sponsored by ALHI
8:45 - 10:00 am

Welcome and Opening General Session
Creating the Exceptional Enterprise: Leaping from Excuses to Execution
Patrick Morin, Managing Director, Transact Capital

 Anyone that has ever attended a conference has left with a passion to make improvements; however, it doesn’t always materialize. “How can I implement the ideas I learned here?” is a common afterthought. In an upbeat, content-rich keynote, nationally recognized speaker, CEO, and performance expert, Patrick Morin, will deliver concrete strategies for attendees to eliminate procrastination, provide their management companies with a stronger competitive stance, and implement best practices.

10:00 - 10:30 am Networking Break
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

How to Unlock the (Super) Power of Core Values in Your Organization (and build the operating system for your culture and your brand)
John DeHart, Co-Founder, Serial Entrepreneur; Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare; LIVE WELL Exercise Clinics; Hartify Brands

 It started out as a simple idea in a coffee shop, and now, John’s company, Nurse Next Door, has become a North American wide brand caring for seniors and is becoming known throughout health care as a “thought leader” in the way they deliver service and build culture.

 John’s fast paced, entertaining and content rich session will walk you through his

approach to building a highly unique brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace of competition - taking the often misunderstood concepts of “core values” and “vision” and making it the center piece of your company. You will learn:

  • How to build a “daringly different” brand by tapping into the heart and soul of who you are and what you truly stand for
  • How to create a raving fan culture by bringing your core values and envisioned future alive within your organization
  • How to build a culture where you engage the hearts and minds of every employee
  • A number of best practices to build a great company
12:00 - 1:00 pm Networking Lunch
Sponsored by Hong Kong Tourism Board
1:00 - 2:00 pm Concurrent Sessions

$%&*&* Happens and What Did You Do About It?

Bennett Napier, Partners in Association Management
Michael Payne, SmithBucklin
Travis Rush, Kellen

We're juggling multiple activities and deadlines. When mistakes happen, how do we tend to the bruised trust and egos? The way in which we empower staff and respond either adds to or detracts from a culture that values client relationships, staff and quality. Did we communicate correctly vs. defensively? Did we respond quickly to avoid greater damage? Did we recommend a solution? Who pays for the solution?

Marketing Automation Paths for AMCs
Jeanne Sheehy, MBA, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Bostrom Corporation

Whether your AMC is big or small, marketing automation can streamline your communications, safe staff time, and deliver enhanced ROI for you and your clients. Find out what marketing automation is and the best way to approach it in the AMC world considering all other technologies like AMS, eLearning, websites, etc. at play. This session will also explore the considerations for choosing a partner in the mass of companies offering these tools.

Managing a Virtual Workforce
Jodi Fisher, CEO, impact Virtual Services; Serge S. Micheli, CAE, CEM, President, Association and Events Management; Fred Stringfellow, CAE, President, Stringfellow Management Group

Our panel will discuss:  Managing a remote workforce - Why do it? Who should/shouldn't? When does it make sense/when does it not? What do you measure? Time, work product? Which tools do you use? Cloud-based, traditional platforms? Collaboration tools? Pay? Legal considerations? Resources for compliance? How do you create a team environment with a virtual workforce?  We will also discuss insurance considerations and establishing policies.

2:00 - 2:30 pm  Networking Break

2:30 - 4:00 pm

AMCs by Size!


Love the idea of networking with your peers but wish you had additional time to learn from company representatives that have successfully navigated the same challenges you are currently facing? This is your opportunity!

Emerging/Small (Less than 10 Employees)
Constance Wrigley-Thomas, CAE, Owner/CEO, Essentient Association Management & Events
Shari Bricks, CMP, Bond Executive

 Medium (11-20 Employees)
Leslie Murphy, FASAE, CAE, Raybourn Group International, Inc.
Ben Markens, The Markens Group, Inc.

Large (21- 49 Employees)
Trudie Bruner, MBA, CAE, Fernley & Fernley, Inc.

Marlis Korber, SBI Association Management 

Extra Large (50 or More Employees)
Mike Dwyer, CAE, Association Headquarters 
Marilyn Jansen, Association Management Center

Account Executives
Michelle Tidwell, MSW, Parthenon Management Group, LLC
Rebecca Brandt, CAE, Executive Directors, Inc.

Associate Member Session

Jackie Kavcak, Tourism Vancouver

David Kinney, Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Neil Schriever, Marriott International

4:00 pm 

Evening Reception - Vancouver Convention Center


Friday, February 9, 2018

8:00 - 9:00 am Breakfast
9:00 - 10:30 am  Business Meeting and AMCs of the Future

Sue Pine, CAE, PHLCVB and AH, ASAE Research Committee Trends Advisory Co-Chair; Tara Withington, CAE, Executive Director, Inc., ASAE Research Committee Trends Advisory Member

A key role of the AMC Owner and Executive Team is to monitor change-drivers that could change the way the AMC functions and delivers services to their client partners. In addition, there is the challenge of devising a way to monitor trends and issues that span a wide array of fields to gain client confidence that the AMC staff understands them and can serve them well.

The ASAE Foundation’s new research program is designed to help association leaders handle these kinds of challenges. The foundation’s Strategic Intelligence Program provides key information on current business and association trends and empowers leaders to create a “culture of foresight” within their organizations. Plan to join this interactive session where attendees will interpret the most current “futures” information from the program. Be prepared to discuss how the change drivers identified will impact the AMC model of the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the ASAE Foundation’s trends resources
  • Discuss and interpret the trends to determine the impact to the AMC model
  • Potentially identify new services to offer in the future (or services that may no longer be a viable) 
10:30 - 11:00 am Networking Break
11:00 am -12:00 pm 

Get a Grip on Your Business - Are You Running Your Business or Is It Running You? 

Tom Bouwer, Certified EOS Implementer, ProfitWorks LLC
If you’d like to be in more control of your organization, you’re not alone. As thousands of business leaders have discovered, the key to faster growth, bigger profits, more loyal customers and fewer frustrations is EOS®. EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a comprehensive business system with real, simple, practical tools. This presentation helps participants learn to implement a simple "way of operating" that helps leadership teams clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. 

Leaders looking for a silver bullet or the next "flavor of the month" need not attend. In this value-packed workshop, attendees learn to see their businesses in a whole new light and to achieve better results through strengthening the Six Key Components™ of a truly great organization. The outcome creates alignment and synchronizes all the pieces of your business to produce the results you want. 

Attendee Value and Takeaways: 

  • Review the Six Key Components of top companies: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction 
  • Learn a powerful tool to clarify and achieve your vision 
  • Work with two simple tools that will get the right people in the right seats 
  • Build the right company scorecard to deliver an absolute pulse on your business 
  • Master practical tools that successful entrepreneurs use to get more done  
12:00 - 1:00 pm  Networking Lunch
1:00 - 2:00 pm 

Concurrent Sessions

Transition Management: Stand Alone vs. AMC-to-AMC vs. Volunteer Leadership

Erin Fuller, FASAE, MPA, CAE, MCI USA; Leslie Murphy, FASAE, CAE, Raybourn Group International, Inc.; Trudie Bruner, MBA, CAE, Fernley & Fernley, Inc.; Jenny Faucher, Managing Matters, Inc.

The investment required in managing transitions from different management models is significant - with more stand-alone business coming in, we need to educate all firms on the opportunities and risks inherent.

Legal Considerations for AMCs

Mike Deese, Esq., Howe & Hutton, Ltd.; Linda Godel, Partner, Torkin Manes LLP

What are the issues looming on the horizon for AMCs and our clients?  Is anyone clairvoyant enough to predict what’s next?
Well, we have two experts from the US and Canada who will offer their unique perspectives on where we are today . . . and where we are going; that is to say, to the best of their judgment.  The cross-border panel will be insightful and expand our thinking as the world becomes more and more global . . . and perhaps also being a first at an AMC Institute Meeting. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear viewpoints from two countries so different and yet so closely aligned.

2:00 - 2:30 pm  Networking Break 
2:30 - 3:15 pm  Find Out WHY - Innovation 
Darin Hoggan, Senior Consultant, FranklinCovey
Is innovation inherently a crap shoot?
Not if you understand WHY people make the choices they do.  Nearly 85% of all fail.  Innovating isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. In today’s world, we all need to be effective innovators.  Innovation is the barrier between winning and stagnation and the game is moving faster than ever before.
Find Out WHY is based on 25 years of research and practice by Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and one of the world’s most influential business leaders, and Bob Moesta, creator of over 3,000 successful innovations. They’ve concluded that when you hone in on what customers are trying to accomplish in a given circumstance, innovations can be far more successful. Find Out WHY is a foundational solution for everyone involved in innovation and anyone who serves customers—paying or non-paying, external or internal. It provides the essential mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets to help people deeply understand the experiences their customers desire when choosing and using products and services, and then use that knowledge to drive successful innovation.
More than simply coming up with creative ideas, innovating successfully requires us to provide solutions that customers willingly—even eagerly—pull into their lives. While this might seem like a no-brainer, the startlingly high failure rate for innovation indicates most people don’t know how to do this. FranklinCovey’s newest solution, Find Out WHY: The Key to Successful Innovation, helps leaders at all levels understand why customers make the choices they do. When you understand customers that way, you can move your innovation successes from random to predictable.
Recognize the impact of understanding why customers make the choices they do.
Observe customers using products and services and look for obstacles or frustrations they experience.
Interview customers to discover why and how they choose and use specific products and services.
Create a concise summary of customer jobs to be done.
Generate innovation opportunities that satisfy customer jobs to be done. 
3:15 - 3:45 pm  Meeting Wrap Up
4:00 pm Closing Reception




The following AMC Institute Members serve on the 2018 Annual Committee and all AMC Members also serve as a session chair.


Committee Chair

Karen Wesloh, CAE, CMP, The Harrington Company

Committee Members

Ruth Abrahamson, Base Consulting and Management, Inc. 

Taylor Fernley, Fernley & Fernley, Inc.

Jodi Fisher, impact Virtual Services 

John Flatley, Association Management Strategies

Marilyn Jansen, Association Management Center

Jackie Kavcak, Tourism Vancouver

Phil Lesser, PhD, CAE, Bostrom Corporation

Carolyn Price, CAE, CMP Management

Sarah Timm, CAE, CMP-HC, Parthenon Management Group

Robert Waller, CAE, Association Headquarters, Inc.



Tom Bouwer, Certified EOS Implementer, ProfitWorks LLC

Tom Bouwer is co-author of What The Heck Is EOS? with EOS founder, Gino Wickman. He is a sought-after speaker with extensive experience in helping business leaders get what they want from their organizations. With his energetic presentation style, Tom delivers high-value engagements that have actionable takeaways. A top-ranked Vistage speaker, Tom presents internationally to the CEO and C-level members of this and other world-class executive organizations.

Today, with ProfitWorks, he implements The Entrepreneurial Operating System™ (EOS) to help leadership teams and businesses simplify,   clarify and achieve their vision. In addition to running his own company in Turkey, Tom has worked for startups, Fortune 50 companies and has consulting experience with Deloitte & Touche and Booz Allen Hamilton. His nearly three decades of global management/consulting experience in multiple industries help him quickly identify chronic issues that keep a company from achieving optimal success. He earned his B.A. from Hope College and MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Tom is a Certified EOS Implementer. 



Trudie Bruner, CAE, President and Chief Operating Officer, Fernley & Fernley

Prior to assuming the role of COO in 2007, Trudie was as an Account Executive at Fernley & Fernley, serving three trade association clients. Previously, she served as Director of Operations for the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine, where she was instrumental in developing and formalizing a consortium of affiliated organizations. Though she has spent most of her career in association management, she also has worked in private industry.

Trudie earned her Bachelor's of Arts in Economics at Loyola College in Maryland and her Masters in Business Administration from the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Committed to serving both her professional and local communities, Trudie is an active member of ASAE and AMC Institute and has served on the Board of Directors of Philadelphia SHARE.

Trudie resides in Montgomery County with her three children.


C. Michael Deese, Esq., Partner, Howe & Hutton, Ltd

A partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Howe & Hutton, Ltd., Mike graduated from Davidson College (A.B. in Political Science), the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (M.A. in International Relations) and the University of Pennsylvania Law School (J.D.). Mike has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Davidson College. He has practiced law in Washington for many years, focusing primarily upon the representation of national and international nonprofit organizations. His work on behalf of trade associations, professional societies, charitable organizations and their related entities has included corporate matters (incorporation, mergers and consolidations, bylaws development, obtaining and retaining tax exempt status, consulting regarding insurance coverage, review of publications and advertising, development of codes of ethics and certification and accreditation programs, and antitrust and tax compliance, including board member training), contract negotiation and drafting (with convention centers, hotels, endorsed product and service providers, publishers, website development and maintenance providers, association executives and association management companies), litigation (Title VII, ADA, First Amendment and contract disputes) and general counseling regarding the antitrust, tax and other consequences of client actions and programs. Mike currently serves as outside general counsel to numerous national and international nonprofit organizations as well as several regional associations and to numerous automobile dealer advertising associations. Mike is a member of the Legal Section of the American Society of Association Executives, where he has served on the Editorial Advisory Committee for the Section's Association Law & Policy newsletter. Also a member of ASAE's Association Management Company Section and for many years a member of its Section Council, Mike authors articles for that Section and speaks frequently on association governance and other legal topics, both at ASAE conferences and at conferences of other organizations including the AMC Institute.  Mike currently serves on the Institute’s Accreditation & Standards Committee.


John DeHart, Co-Founder, Serial Entrepreneur; Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare; LIVE WELL Exercise Clinics; Hartify Brands

John is the co-founder of Live Well Exercise Clinics, an emerging healthcare brand with over 12 locations that is a pioneer in the Physician prescribed exercise movement. In addition, John co-founded Hartify Brands, a boutique consulting and investment company. John is also the co-founder of Nurse Next Door Home Care Services and helped build Nurse Next Door into one of Canada’s most successful healthcare brands. Nurse Next Door currently has 140+ locations in North America.

John was awarded the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2006, and again in 2016 for the Healthcare category, he’s been named to the Top 40 Under 40 list and he’s helped to lead Nurse Next Door to many prestigious business awards including being named the Top Culture in Canada, one of Canada’s Top 10 Employers, the # 1 Place to Work in British Columbia and named Canada’s Smartest Company by Profit Magazine.

John is a keynote speaker throughout North America on building culture and brand. He has been featured in the New York Times, The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines.


John is currently the Vice Chair of the Canadian Franchise Association, sits on the boards of a number of businesses and is an Industry Fellow at Cornell University’s Sloan School of Health Care. John, a graduate of Cornell University, lives in Vancouver with Gayla and their two daughters, Aja and Daisy.


Jenny Faucher, Managing Matters, Inc.

Jenny is dedicated and committed to her clients’ success and is the Managing Matters visionary. With a genuine passion for helping and connecting people and organizations, Jenny has a talent for identifying and developing synergies between multiple stakeholders, which is mirrored in the strategies that Managing Matters helps develop for clients. Jenny charts the course for Managing Matters strategic vision of enabling clients to grow, enhance their brand and deliver value to all stakeholders. Jenny serves as an advisor to prospective new clients in educating them about the unique and customized service options that Managing Matters can offer them.
Jenny is a member of the Board of Directors for the Association Management Company Institute (AMCI), Canadian Chapter. Jenny is also a member of the committee of Bay Street Fore a Cause, a not-for-profit corporation with the goal of raising funding through exclusive events that will have a meaningful impact on the lives of youth in the Greater Toronto Area.
Jenny is a Forty Under 40® Award recipient from the Association Forum of Chicagoland USAE. She is a member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE), and led Managing Matters to be a finalist in the 2014 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards, in the category of Best Contribution to Student Career Development. Jenny is also a 2016 Silver Stevie® Award winner in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services – 11 to 2,500 Employees category.
Jenny loves running and is an avid half-marathoner and triathlete. She’s also addicted to funky running gear and has WAY too many pairs of running shoes.


Jodi Fisher, CEO, impact Virtual Services  

Since 1995 Jodi Fisher has been providing administrative support to Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, and non-profit organizations, and in 2006 she founded IMPACT. In addition to VA services, Jodi and her team have grown IMPACT to include complementary divisions in Social Media, Internet Marketing, Website Design and Development, and Non Profit Association Management. Through working with both local as well as international clients, she has become an industry expert in how and when to outsource projects in order to maximize expertise and profits.

In her off time, Jodi can be found at just about every sporting event her kids are involved in, working off her stress at the gym, camping with her family, driving motorcycles, and pretty much anything outdoors when Wisconsin weather cooperates!



Erin Fuller leads MCI USA’s team who focus on nonprofit management and consulting, and assesses business development and partnership opportunities that advance MCI’s mission and model while supporting a culture of creating thoughtful growth and strong career pathways. Fuller is a noted expert on nonprofit management and women’s issues, and has appeared on NBC Nightly News, CBS’s MarketWatch, ABC News, Fox News, NPR’s Marketplace, and BBC’s America. She has been quoted in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, Fortune and Newsweek, and is a featured lecturer within American University’s School of Public Affairs.

Through her work with MCI USA’s consulting clients, Fuller and her colleagues have delivered expert guidance to high-profile national and international nonprofits on topics including financial analysis, governance redesign, comprehensive marketing, branding and communication plans and non-dues revenue development, working with such clients as The ESOP Association, the National Law Journal, the National Council of Jewish Women, the SCORE Foundation, and the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund.

Fuller has served as the chief staff executive for a number of MCI USA client organizations, including the Alliance for Women in Media, Tysons Tomorrow, and the National Association of Women Business Owners. Her accomplishments include the launch of a social media-driven grassroots advocacy campaign, the implementation of a “freemium” membership model for a 60+-year old association, and the growth of corporate investment of over 400% within a two-year period.

Fuller received both her undergraduate and master of public administration degrees from American University in Washington, D.C. An active member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), Fuller was named an ASAE Fellow in 2011. She served as a faculty member for the CAE Immersion course, where she taught financial management, strategic planning and brand management, and served as an associate professor at Northern Virginia Community College, teaching "Introduction to Nonprofit Management”. She currently serves on the board of directors for American Forests, and served as the president of the American University Alumni Association Board. She previously served on the board of directors of the ASAE Foundation, as well as the editorial board of the Journal of Association Leadership. In 2011, Fuller received the Alice Paul Award for her work advancing women’s causes.


Linda Godel, Partner, Torkin Manes LLP

Linda is a partner at Torkin Manes and chairs the firm’s Not-for-Profit and Charities Law practice group. She counsels a wide range of notfor-profit organizations and charities (including charitable organizations and private and public foundations). Her clients include professional and industry associations, self-regulated bodies and organizations in such fields as religion, health, education, social services, poverty abatement, childcare, athletics and recreation.

Linda acts as external general counsel to numerous not-for-profi t organizations, both charitable and non-charitable. She has advised organizatio ns in the third sector on structuring and restructuring matters, corporate gove rnance, by-law interpretation, directors’ and officers’ liability, compliance issues, cross-border and international relationships and gifting, endowment and fundraising issues. She also provides general commercial advice to not-for-profits and charities.


Darin Hoggan, Senior Consultant, FranklinCovey
Darin has concentrated his career on helping leaders and organizations achieve dramatic results by developing the unique contribution of each member of the team. Darin specifically taps into the diversity of each individual and finds ways to help them produce at their full potential by creating inclusive cultures where team members thrive helping each other create results that consistently exceed expectations. Darin believes that a culture is derived from its leaders and recognizes that leaders who are willing to learn, grow and develop will set the standard which their people follow.

Darin works hard to customize each training experience focusing on the specific needs of his clients. This specialized focus enables him to get to the root cause of barriers and identify specific solutions. Darin helps others achieve greater results by helping them shift their paradigms. He helps them see themselves and others through a new lens enabling change and progress. Darin brings years of experience working with leaders, teams, and organizations that are serious about lifting engagement in a proactive way.

Darin has very high expectations of himself and his clients and finds that people rise to high expectations when they are empowered with trust. Those who work with Darin are immediately put at ease by his confidence, reassurance and sense of humor. He has fun helping his clients achieve great results. Since 2000, Darin has worked as a coach, facilitator, and senior consultant for many clients in the software, insurance, hospitality, banking, healthcare, chemical, automobile, mortgage, technology, telecom, energy, and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

Darin specializes in helping global organizations bridge international cultural gaps. He recognizes that in order to survive and thrive in today’s marketplace, organizations, teams and individuals must be equipped to quickly adapt to and benefit from differences. Darin has engaged with clients all over the world and is recognized as an expert in U.S. India relationships. Darin also recognizes the need for balance and in his free time loves to be with his wife Melody and daughters Grace and Faith. They enjoy camping, traveling and sitting on the beach with a good book. Darin has lived in Utah, Maryland, and Connecticut and now resides in Texas where he serves in his church and community. 

Serge S. Micheli, CAE, CEM, President, Association and Events Management

Association and Events Management was founded in 1993 by Serge Micheli, CAE. While working for a trade association, Serge was approached by several Board members encouraging him to start-up his own firm. These groups formed the nucleus for this highly respected, professional firm that serves the association community with pride.
Mr. Micheli’s background covers a twenty year span of working at association management companies, associations, as well as business enterprise. This covers all components of industry, professional, and charitable organizations. He formed a unique passion for association work while completing undergraduate studies. This passion extended to the development of key administrative, financial, leadership, and events management knowledge. Seeing the need for running associations like a ‘business’, he combined this association knowledge with the development of entrepreneurial skills.


Patrick Morin, Managing Director, Transact Capital

Patrick Morin joined Transact Capital as Managing Director in 2012. Patrick brings with him a wealth of experience in capital raising, deal making, strategic advisory to CEOs, marketing and revenue generation, along with investment banking and business ownership.


Prior to joining Transact, Patrick was Managing Partner of BrightHammer, LLC, a venture management firm that specializes in strategy with an emphasis on sales and marketing development. He worked with select start-ups, growth companies, and turnarounds to stabilize operations and ramp up revenue and employee performance. He was retained by clients in the multifamily, pharmaceutical/medical, financial services, real estate, and professional services industries.


Prior to BrightHammer, Patrick spent seven years as Senior Vice President with Cornerstone Realty Income Trust, Inc., a $1.5 billion New York Stock Exchange-traded company that owned and operated over 24,000 apartments.


From 1993 – 2012 Patrick was an adjunct instructor with Dale Carnegie Training. He retains his instructor credentials today and while certified to lead all Dale Carnegie programs, he specializes in The Sales Advantage, Leadership Training for Managers, and High Impact Presentations. He has been ranked among the top three instructors globally and was a member of the elite Global Delivery Team.


While a member of the National Speakers Association, he personally conducted thousands of keynotes and training meetings for businesses, associations, government agencies and community groups. 



Leslie Murphy, FASAE, CAE, Raybourn Group International, Inc.

Leslie has been a leader in association management for more than 30 years, contributing to a variety of associations from professional, educational and philanthropic groups to an emerging trade association.

Bringing her wide skill-set of strategic planning, visionary management, and increasing member value to the organizations she serves, Leslie has a proven record of revitalization of various associations and their Boards.

As a volunteer within the profession, Leslie is active in the Indiana Society of Association Executives, having served on the Board of Directors, as well as chairing several ISAE committees prior to being named Executive Director in 2007. Her work earned her the ISAE Staff Professionalism Award, Volunteer of the Year, and Association Executive of the Year honors from her colleagues.

She has also served as chair of the American Society of Association Executives’ Certified Association Executive (CAE) Commission and was honored as an ASAE Fellow for her contributions to the profession, a highly prestigious recognition in the field. Leslie currently serves on the Board for the AMC Institute.



Sue Pine, CAE, PHLCVB and AH, ASAE Research Committee Trends Advisory Co-Chair 

Sue Pine, CAE - VP of Professional Development at AH, Senior Director of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), and AMC National Accounts Rep for the PHL-CVB. She worked for over 35 years in the "association management" world. Sue has been with AH since 2012. Sue is a frequent speaker at ASAE, AMC Institute, and a variety of ASAE State Society meetings. Sue is an ASAE trained facilitator of the ASAE Certificate in Association Management. She is a subject matter expert on Environmental Scanning, Trends Monitoring, AMC Accreditation, Volunteer Management, and Board Development topics. Sue has received the 2009 AMC Institute Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2008 Leadership Award from the ASAE-AMC Section Council, and the 2015 MASAE Distinguished Service Award.



Jeanne Sheehy, MBA, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Bostrom Corporation

Jeanne Sheehy, MBA is chief marketing officer (CMO) for Bostrom. In addition to the day-to-day corporate marketing and business development operations, Jeanne implements integrated marketing plans for clients, which have included new branding initiatives, website redesigns, non-dues revenue generation, as well as social and mobile media campaign development. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the AMC Institute. An authority in integrated marketing, technology, new media, content marketing and association marketing trends, she has presented at various national and regional conferences. 

With more than 20 years of marketing and communications experience, Jeanne is a recognized expert in integrated marketing communications, global marketing, social media, mobile and website strategy. She earned her MBA from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri and her bachelor of science in business administration from the University of Missouri.


Fred Stringfellow, CAE, President, Stringfellow Management Group

Fred Stringfellow is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) who started his career in association management in 1992 with a Washington D.C.-based AMC. He has worked with a number of AMCs in the Baltimore area and in 2012 founded the Stringfellow Management Group (SMG).

SMG has 32 staff team members throughout the US; managing 24 state, national and international associations. SMG is Accredited with AMC Institute.

Fred is President and Owner of Stringfellow Management Group, Inc.  He sas a Bachelor of Arts degree, Magna Cum Laude, from Ithaca College (NY).  Fred currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the AMC Institute; on the AMC Key Committee of American Society of Association Executives (ASAE); on the Board of Directors for the Tennis Industry Association; and the International Tennis Federation Tennis Court Surfaces Foundation.  He also serves on the Customer Advisory Board for Visit Baltimore.

Fred received his Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation from the American Society of Association Executives in 1998, and has been recertified every 3 years.  He is a graduate of the Institute for Organization Management at the University of Delaware.  In addition, Fred is a past president of the Maryland Society of Association Executives, the Association Management Council of ASAE, and the Stoneleigh Community Association.


Tara Withington, CAE, Executive Director, Inc., ASAE Research Committee Trends Advisory Member

Tara Withington is a principal and Vice President with Executive Director, Incorporated (EDI). 

After serving many nonprofit organizations at the grassroots, local, state, and regional levels, Withington joined EDI in 1998 and became an EDI principal in 2003. She serves as a consulting partner or executive director to multiple healthcare/scientific related clients of EDI. Ms. Withington also leads EDI’s Preferred Provider Network and co-created EDI’s Communities of Practice. 

Tara has assisted associations in broadening and enhancing organizational missions and services, reducing expenses, increasing fund-raising and developing strategic plans. Guided by her entrepreneurial spirit and unyielding dedication to the organizations she serves, Ms. Withington has successfully led organizations through substantial change and exponential growth during her tenure. 

Tara has a special interest in future trends and leading in anticipation of global changes in the fields she serves. 
Tara holds a degree in Business Management as well as the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation. 

Outside of EDI, Tara is a past member of the Board of Directors for the AMC Institute, and is a member in good standing in the American Society of Association Executives, as well as state and local management groups. She serves as a national speaker in the field of association management. 








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