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AMCI’s CEO Tina Wehmeir was on Fox Business News Talk 360 July 25th to share her perspective on the benefits of partnerships between AMCs and associations.

Fox Business News Talk 360 Transcript

Next we take a look at an industry that has been on the crest of the wave of applying business acumen technologies and strategic insight to the not for profit sector.

Partnerships between association management companies and associations are resulting in a new breed of organization. One that is measurably more effective and efficient in serving their members, their mission and the public at large.

Steering the growth of this global industry is the AMC Institute and joining us today to talk about why this is such a dynamic field is their CEO, Tina Wehmeir.

Tina, welcome.

Well, thank you so much.

To start off, what is an association management company?

Association management company -- or AMCs as we like to call ourselves -- are specialists in managing not-for-profit organizations and associations.

For some organizations AMCs provide full service management staff expertise. Other organizations and associations continue to work with their existing staff and just use the AMC for consulting services.

In the AMC model cost and expertise are shared, so this allows the organizations to respond to their priorities with a lot more flexibility and a lot less investment.

So why might not-for-profit organizations choose an AMC Institute member?

They look to an AMC as a collaborator in developing specific platforms to share new discoveries; there are generational strategies or even thought leadership.

AMC Institute also adds another level of confidence because we have a very rigorous accreditation program that is recognized as the mark of excellence for AMCs worldwide if they achieve the accreditation.

Finally, can you share some of the innovations that AMCI is using to advance the industry?

In a 2015 survey the Non-Profit Finance Fund found that, even though there's been some economic recovery, the demand for critical services has continued to rise and unfortunately budgets have continued to shrink.

So, AMCs have really been busy creating solutions that have dramatically increased the long-term financial stability for their client associations and that's really been a benefit for them.

That was Tina Wehmeir. To learn more visit amcinstitute.org.

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