Tame the Chaos of Event Management 

 Conference and meeting planners are literally drowning under a sea of email, Excel documents, and schedules, juggling countless tasks while also keeping their sponsors, speakers and exhibitors informed and happy. Events are critical in helping organizations achieve their missions and market event content—such as session abstracts, speaker presentations, and bios. They also play a crucial role in building and informing a dedicated community of stakeholders and members both pre and post-event. Event professionals need a flexible solution that helps them maximize the use of their limited resources and supports them through the entire life-cycle of building an event program. Hubb streamlines the process of collecting, managing, and marketing content for events and allows conference managers to deliver a consistent experience to all their participants.

Our cloud-based software platform uses simple, automated workflows to streamline collecting, managing and marketing event content, as well as facilitating sales pipeline growth with meetings management and data analytics. With Hubb, clients save time getting their event to market and have the analytics they need to make more informed decisions and improve ROI. Hubb’s deep understanding is helping to transform events into the powerful marketing machines they should be.

Content Management
Hubb offers a variety of event content management including an intuitive dashboard, helping you stay informed and in control of your content. Hubb empowers speakers to submit their profiles and credentials, upload their session content, and collaborate on the details with session owners, online and in record time. Create session tracks, assign rooms and time slots, and publish the key details to all of your marketing sources instantly.

Hubb’s algorithm presents predictive analyses for event sessions, attendees, and exhibitors. It offers the chance for attendees to connect with experts, intelligently suggests the best content and speakers based upon behavioral data, introduces exhibitors with better-qualified prospects, and provides location and venue data in order to present the best rooms for sessions. All the behavioral data Hubb collects and analyzes paints a multidimensional picture of who event attendees are and what they really want so event professionals can use that information to improve the attendee experience and overall event ROI.

Meetings Management
Events are the perfect places for your company’s movers and shakers to connect with potential business partners, clients, investors, and more. These meetings are critical for moving business forward and highlighting the value of your event. With Hubb Meetings, organizing hundreds (or even thousands) of executive, sales, ICW, and other meetings has never been easier.

Events are critical in helping organizations achieve their missions, and scheduling staff at an event is an often over-looked, but essential component of managing a large conference. Whether your staff are manning conversation stations, expert locations or the registration desk, you need to ensure you have the right people at the right place at the right time.

Say goodbye to the scheduling madness and spreadsheet nightmares for good and put an end to the thousands of emails sent out to staffers regarding countless schedule changes. You can even organize both the speaking and booth schedules of your experts who may be performing multiple functions at an event. With Hubb Event Staffing software staffers can manage their own schedules so you can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Sponsor/Exhibitor Management
Lift the burden of sponsor and exhibitor coordination by allowing your sponsors and exhibitors to self-manage everything from creating their company profile to requesting their booth location. Hubb empowers sponsors & exhibitors to take control of their event experience—and allows you to focus on creating an event that builds engagement and drives business forward.

Attendee Schedule Builder
Every attendee plans out their schedule in advance of attending your event to maximize their time onsite. Give them tools they can access across devices to make planning their schedule and connecting with the right people a breeze. Instead of waiting until 2 weeks before the event, allow attendees to start building their schedule – give them access as soon as you lock down your content!

“Hubb is so easy and fantastic to use! All the changes that I needed to make – add a photo, update a bio, change a title, replace an abstract with a new one, etc.  It was easy as pie and went LIVE on the site within moments.  Bravo on a great tool!” Lisa Tozer, Event Manager, Microsoft

“It is so obvious Hubb was created by event professionals. It works exactly the way you’d expect it to. Also—thank you so much for your amazing customer service!” Deanna Schuler, Content Manager, Tableau Software

“Hubb allows all the stakeholders involved with planning to use a single, intuitive system and more easily deliver content to attendees. It is the best system that I have used. It is a meeting planner’s dream!” Michelle Moore, Conference Director, Lightfair

“Hubb is a saving grace, giving us a place to manage everything in one tool and have one source of truth instead of managing it in separate spreadsheets.”Jamie Timperley, President, Dynamic Events

“With Hubb the application process was ‘intuitive and frictionless,’ and may have even contributed to the higher volume of applications.” Courtney Dagher, Content Manager on the INBOUND Content Team

About Hubb
Hubb is headquarterd in downtown Vancouver, WA. Contact Hubb today for a customized demo and unlock the power of The Data-Driven Event. As the single source of truth for all your content, discover how Hubb can transform your events and move your company toward its business goals and objectives.

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