You can’t learn about Omnipress without learning “About Us”, the employees that make up the company. It’s an incredibly diverse group, to be sure. When you work with Omnipress, you work with a team of professionals with a wide range of specialties. And that’s a good thing, because that combined experience is what lets us help your association find new and more efficient ways of distributing educational content to members.


A History of Helpfulness

Omnipress was founded 40 years ago to help associations collect, produce and distribute their conference content. Back then, that meant creating high-quality printed proceedings, standards and technical manuals. Today, content comes in many forms, and your audience wants it when and where it’s most convenient for them.

We Help You Deliver Great Content

Whether your content needs to be presented online, in the classroom or at the conference, Omnipress has the ideas, best practices and tips to help your association fulfill its mission. We don’t just take your order, we lead you to a more logical way of bringing great content to your members.

“Because of your experience, you help guide us through the process and let us know what other organizations like ours are doing.” - Cathy Clifton, Higher Education User Group

Omnipress helps associations deliver their content by offering services in the following areas:

Abstract Management

We built our new abstract management system, CATALYSTTM, on the real-world feedback of event professionals.

CATALYSTTM makes abstract submission and review easy by allowing you to create an intuitive workflow that matches your conference’s needs. And with powerful reporting and review tracking features, you’ll always have access to the most current information about your conference.

More than just a tool to remove frustrations in the collection process, CATALYSTTM is backed by the expertise to anticipate them.  

Print and Fulfillment

Grow your training programs while making sure your instructors have everything they need to deliver education.

It doesn’t matter how valuable your educational programs are if they don’t arrive as expected at the training site. Late, missing or inaccurate materials frustrate learners, detract from the overall learning experience and reflect poorly on your organization. That’s why we only have seasoned, career professionals at the helm to uphold your standards for quality and accuracy.

Conference Printing

We specialize in printing conference materials specifically for associations—from polished program books to printed proceedings. Do you have a timeline that no one else will touch? We have built our production processes, skills and resources so that we can respond accordingly. Looking to reinvigorate your conference materials? Our in-house designers have access to 40 years of conference-specific best practices that can serve as inspiration. Want to reduce your workload? We can handle everything from your initial call for papers to shipping your final program books directly to your event.

Digital Content Library

We can turn your printed materials into an online library, ensuring your members have a consistent, cross-platform experience.

Many associations today provide content to members in both an online and printed format. Tracking, managing and updating that content in two separate places can become unwieldy, particularly if your content is updated multiple times throughout the year. Let us streamline this process for you. We can create an online library of materials—including conference content, training courses, publications and directories—that protects the value of your content while giving users a high-quality digital experience.

Let’s Talk About Your Goals

"Omnipress has gone out of its way to make us feel both comfortable with the relationship, but then also to develop the products in a way that matches our demands, our requirements and our members’ requirements." - George Brown, Executive Director, State Bar of Wisconsin

Omnipress has helped dozens of associations find new and more efficient ways to deliver their educational content. And every one of those success stories started with a conversation about what was holding them back from achieving their goals.

Imagine what your staff could accomplish if they weren’t struggling to collect abstracts and papers for your conference.

Think of the member-benefiting programs you’ll develop in the time that used to be devoted to packing and shipping training materials.

Let’s talk about which priorities you’ll accomplish when your team has fewer distractions.

Let’s work together to reach your goals.

Contact Omnipress today to start making your association’s goals for tomorrow, a reality. Feel free to call us on 1.800.828.0305 or email us at [email protected].


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