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The Benchmarking Tool

AMCI is excited to launch our latest member benefit designed to provide your firm with an edge when attracting and retaining clients. The Benchmarking Tool was developed and validated by renowned university professor, Dr. James Gaskin, giving our members unprecedented access to over 50 meaningful expense areas for 40,000 C3 and C6 nonprofits across all sectors.

What this tool means:

  • Most accurate characterization of association income and expense data available.
  • Stronger client proposals that showcase your value proposition.
  • Enhanced client retention through data-driven cost management.
  • Reduced risk with a deeper understanding of industry benchmarks.

The Benchmarking Tool is available FREE to AMCI members for the next six months as a value-added benefit. During this trial period, we will conduct an analysis to determine the subscription price - so start your trial TODAY!

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 AMC Model Presentation

AMC Institute has conducted and released several insightful studies over the past couple of years that help demonstrate the effectiveness, reach, and impact of the AMC model. We heard from several members that the research findings would be even more helpful in a presentation format that could be used in part or whole to message and position the value of the model to potential clients. We thought it was a great idea – so a PowerPoint has been created for members-only.

AMC Model Presentation Template