Which AMC membership is for you?

AMC Institute has two AMC membership categories:

AMC Active Membership

Active membership* in AMC Institute is granted to for-profit association management companies (AMCs) that provide full-service management to two or more associations. The annual fee is based upon the gross AMC revenue from all association management activity.

AMC Provisional Membership 

Provisional members* are AMCs with only one client. This status is granted for a 12-month period from the date of acceptance. After 12 months, Provisional members can either join as an Active Member if they have obtained a second client or they can apply for a second provisional term. Provisional status is only granted for a maximum of two years.

*To be an eligible AMC Active or AMC Provisional member you must meet the following criteria and adhere to the AMCI Code of Ethical Values. Learn more about membership dues here.

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AMC Membership Benefits

The AMC Institute (AMCI) is the only source completely dedicated to the needs of association management companies (AMCs). As a member of AMCI, you will be provided with a variety of benefits and resources to help your AMC.

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