Research and Surveys

2020 AMC Model Performance Study

AMC Business Model

Conducted by Valmont Research, the key findings of this study include:

The AMC business model offers stability—associations have been clients of AMCs, on average, for nearly 13 years, and 21% of associations have been clients for 20 years or longer.

Large associations are more likely to stay with an AMC for the long haul. The average tenure of associations with $3M+ in gross operating revenue was 22.3 years, about twice as long for associations with revenue of less than $3M.

The model offers growth in revenue and income—under AMC management, client associations saw average annualized growth of 7.8% for gross operating revenue and 11.6% for net operating income.

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2017 AMCI Finance & Operations Survey Report

Final Report 

2016 AMC Institute Member Impact Study

Key Findings

AMCI’s ongoing commitment to driving awareness and reinforcing the advantages of the AMC model has led to the Institute’s most comprehensive effort to date to quantify the scope and influence of our industry and our members. Under the Board’s direction and led by task force co-chairs John Dee and Denise Jackson, AMCI launched its first in-depth study of the impact of our sector. This survey will be conducted annually.
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2016 AMCI Infographic

AMCs: A Model for Success

AMC-managed Nonprofits

Outpace Sector Growth

Associations are finding that AMCs can offer a better return and more value delivered to their members. New research by Dr. James Gaskin shows more c6 and c3 organizations using the AMC model. Click here for more information.

2014 AMCI Perception Survey

Key Findings

The 2014 AMC Institute Perception Survey was conducted to quantify the opinions and knowledge levels of various stakeholders in the association community concerning the association management company (AMC) model. The ultimate purpose of the study was to obtain results that could be used by AMC Institute leadership to create, develop and refine marketing strategies that will increase awareness and use of the AMC management model.
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