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AMCI’s Specialist Badge program will elevate your proficiency in management areas essential to operating successfully in the AMC environment.

Are you ready to: 

  • Accelerate your career journey?
  • Gain insight and knowledge from top thought leaders in our industry?
  • Improve your job performance and serve your clients better?
This training has been specially developed to fast-track your career, optimize your learning investment, and give top talent a competitive edge. Designed to help rising executives master necessary skills, AMCI’s latest offering provides education AMC professionals can’t get anywhere else. 
Specialist Badge courses include:
  • Finance & Accounting: From financial reports and management to tax and legal implications to budgeting, this course covers all the basic essentials for anyone operating in the AMC environment. Learning Objectives include:
    • Providing AMC professionals with a basic understanding of the non-profit status, volunteer fiduciary responsibilities, and any financially-related board governance issues.
    • Providing AMC professionals with a basic understanding of association/client budgeting basics and processes.
    • Providing AMC professionals with a basic understanding of tax and other compliance related obligations of associations/clients.
  • Membership: Develop a deeper understanding of membership recruitment, retention, and member engagement. Learn to help clients define member value, collect and use member data, acquire new tips for membership marketing campaigns, make better use of technology, and improve membership promotion. Learning Objectives include:
    • Identifying the framework for helping clients research, develop and communicate membership value/proposition.
    • Learning techniques to help clients create membership recruitment and retention campaigns and membership promotion strategies.
    • Improving understanding of various legal aspects of membership management including information privacy and security, expulsion, membership meetings, etc.

  • Leadership/Governance: Designed to help you better understand the role of an Executive Director/Client Lead, you will be able to identify the personal skills and leadership traits needed to be your most effective. You will also gain knowledge of Board governance, policies, and best practices that can be immediately applied. Learning Objectives include:
    • Understanding the general knowledge needed to serve as an association Executive Director.
    • Understanding what AMC Management looks for when placing Executive Directors/leads.
    • Recognizing the benefits of working in an AMC.
    • Understanding how development and implementation of good governance practices are necessary and critical to ensure Boards can perform their Duties of Care, Loyalty and Obedience.
  • Meetings & Events: Novice and experienced AMC professionals will gain a broad understanding of the ins and outs of designing, planning, and implementing an event and how to effectively manage meetings. Learning Objectives include:
    • Outlining various formats of meetings and events and explain when each format is best utilized.
    • Explaining how the AMC model benefits an association's meetings and events.
    • Understanding budget development that includes the major revenue and expense categories of  meetings and events.
    • Explaining the role(s) of live event vendors including exhibition companies, and audio/visual and décor companies.
  • Education & Credentialing: This course provides a comprehensive overview of the client work associated with these two related, but distinct functions. Regardless of your experience level, you’ll leave this course with a better understanding of how to operationalize professional development and credentialing in the AMC environment. Learning Objectives include:
    • Describing how the three phases of instructional design can be used in the AMC model to serve any association, and the connection to an education-focused strategic plan.
    • Explaining three differences between credentialing and professional development.
    • Learning how to develop staff in professional development and credentialing.
  • Marketing & Communications – This course provides a comprehensive overview of how to develop and execute a communications program and marketing campaigns for multiple association clients. Learning Objectives include:
    • Understanding strategy and execution of communications for associations under a multi-client environment.
    • Determining the appropriate campaign type needed and, understand the importance of gathering metrics and analytics for your clients.
    • Explain how artificial intelligence tools/platforms impact marketing & communications.

Each badge is fully online and allows participants to learn at their own pace and in a timeframe most convenient for them. The multi-format content is delivered through instructional video presentations and digital workbooks. Each of the six specialist areas includes a list of resources, interviews with subject matter experts, and a final quiz to confirm successful completion. You can estimate it will take approximately 3 hours to attain a badge. 

Each badge qualifies for 2 credits toward your CAE certification/re-certification.

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Individual Badge Modules $395/badge $595/badge

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* Bundle badges may be the same badge for two people, or two different badges for one person.
** Bundle badges may be purchased for the same course or for different courses.

Participants should ensure the purchase is completed on their AMC Institute profile log-in, which will help to maintain accurate CEU and purchase records.  If you are unsure if you have an account with AMC Institute or need to create an account, please email [email protected]

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