Professional Advancement Online

AMC Institute’s Professional Advancement Online initiative provides learning experiences designed to develop professional AMC competencies, foster a culture of leadership, and showcase the knowledge and expertise of a highly engaged, solution-oriented team. With a wide range of AMC-focused educational content AMC professionals of all levels are invited to explore pathways designed to enhance their abilities to work with clients and bring greater value to the firm.

Certificate Program

Currently under development is AMCI’s comprehensive educational initiative focused on developing and recognizing employee expertise throughout their AMC career progression. A robust curriculum will focus on fundamental skill development for entry level employees, professional development to excel in functional management, and eventually certification of AMC professionals. Completion of course work will be recognized through digital badges and certificates. This program is expected to launch Phase 1 of this program Q1 2022.

On-Demand Content

In order for professionals to keep current with trends, innovations, and state-of-the-art business solutions, it is crucial to have the flexibility to learn when your schedule and timing permit. Through AMCI's learning on-demand, members can access content when it makes the most sense for their schedules.  On-demand content includes HIIT sessions, content in specific focus areas, and AMCI webinars.

Chapter Training Academy (CTA)

Currently under development is AMCI's management solution designed to help the association community best manage their growing and demanding chapter organizational structures while remaining focused on their mission and goals. The CTA will aide in strengthening association structures, chapter relationships, and productivity to enhance grass roots growth and strategic alignment. This program is expected to launch in late 2022.