Certificate Program


Finding that effective balance between delivering tangible value for clients and your AMC requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. AMCI, in collaboration with recognized subject matter and instructional design experts, has developed a certificate program that provides specialized foundational-level education in key functional areas to help rising AMC professionals looking to sharpen their skills and advance their careers.

Certificate courses include:

  • Communication Skills in the AMC Environment - This course will help AMC professionals identify, explain and apply effective communication skills in a variety of context.
  • Ethics in the AMC Environment - This five-part program will provide a comprehensive overview of the importance of ethics and ethical decision-making from the perspective as an AMC employee, and as member of a client services team. Learners will define their personal values system, practice applying ethical strategies, and plan for future leadership responsibilities.
  • EQ Excellence in the AMC Environment - This course will provide an overview of a variety of interpersonal skills required to work effectively within your AMC and with volunteer leaders. Focusing on the basics of the most critical interpersonal skills will often provide for a rewarding career within an AMC environment.
  • Leadership in the AMC Environment - Leadership of an association or an association management company begins with understanding how to lead yourself. In this program you will learn some basic elements of self-leadership including how to demonstrate confidence, respond with diplomacy, understand how leadership roles of volunteers and staff are different, and how to formulate and adjust strategy to accomplish key objectives. This course is meant for new account managers and staff who may be unfamiliar with association management, AMCs, and how to serve in a leadership role while serving an association client
  • Technology in the AMC Environment - This course will provide an overview of internal (AMC specific) and external (client) technologies utilized in the association management industry.
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Individual Certificate Course $99/course $249/course
Bundle (5 certificate courses) $459 $999

Participants looking to purchase the certificate courses, should ensure the purchase of the course is completed on their AMC Institute profile log-in, which will help to maintain accurate CEU and purchase records.  If you are unsure if you have an account with AMC Institute or need to create an account, please email [email protected]

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The certificate program provides much needed education for AMC professionals that isn't available anywhere else. The courses cover topics like scope creep, volunteer/staff relationship, AMC/client relationship, etc. and provide practical ideas, tips and solutions to help in real life situations we deal with all the time. They are valuable for new employees all the way to those who have been in the industry for decades.   

- Tracy Tucker, Executive Vice President, AMR Management Services


“As someone new to the AMC industry, I found the AMCI Certificate Courses to be a great resource. They broadly discuss the important sectors of the industry, and then also dive deeper and provide real-world examples. I’d recommend to anyone starting their AMC career!” 

- Andrew Stringfellow, Associate, Stringfellow Management Group

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