In 1963, a group of savvy business owners, each who owned an association management company, came together to form the Multiple Association Management Institute (MAMI). Recognizing the lack of support for this specialized business model, the owners believed that forming their own association would allow them to work together to have greater impact on the association world and increase the market share of the industry.

Since then, the association has continued to grow and has undergone several name changes, including the Institute of Association Management Companies (IAMC) in 1976, and then the International Association of Association Management Companies (IAAMC) in 1996. In the early 2000’s, AMCs from ASAE and IAAMC joined together to form the AMC Institute, a marketing arm to support the promotion of the AMC model. AMCs could purchase a partnership with the AMC Institute, regardless of their membership in IAAMC or ASAE. Then in 2005, IAAMC changed its name to AMC Institute, assumed the AMC marketing responsibilities and ultimately, in August 2006, the organization as a whole assumed the AMC Institute name to more clearly brand the AMC concept.

In May 2007 in order to provide clearer direction to associations interested in being managed by association management companies (AMCs), the AMC Institute and ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership agreed to support a single AMC accreditation program.

AMC Institute and ASAE had maintained separate and independent accreditation programs for several years. After a thorough review of the two programs it was agreed that a single industry accreditation program administered by AMC Institute would be accepted by the industry. The AMC Institute accreditation program is based upon their American National Standards Institute(ANSI) approved standard for good AMC practices.

Today, the AMC Institute represents more than 180 AMC members throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. AMC Institute promotes service excellence among association management companies, and strives to raise awareness of a burgeoning AMC industry by establishing its member companies as the recognized and preferred choice for quality association management and professional services.

Further, AMC Institute provides a means by which AMCs can coordinate their efforts to advance the status and scope of the association management company industry through education and accreditation. Members seek to improve their management techniques, enhance client services, and promote innovation in the industry. AMC Institute offers its members informative meetings, networking opportunities, accreditation, an online RFP service and other educational and promotional materials.

To further advance the AMC industry, AMC Institute grants associate memberships to companies that provide services to AMCs or their clients. Since 2001, AMC Institute has extended provisional, two-year memberships to AMCs with only one client, to give them a taste of the industry and the many benefits of belonging to AMC Institute.