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Ready, Resilient, and Rising: Reflections from Re-Engaged

After a rollercoaster of a year, ranging from re-openings and rescheduled events to the Delta variant surge, no one was sure what this Fall might bring. Would anyone be willing to take a risk to travel for a face-to-face event? And of those who might come, would they be willing to follow stricter health guidelines?       

After a very successful AMCs Re-Engaged, we can give a resounding YES! to both of those questions.  As an industry we should be proud that we are agile, adept, and responsive regardless of the circumstance. You have proven that we can have both a safe and engaging in-person event.

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AMCI’s Inaugural HIIT Sessions were Can’t Miss at the Annual Meeting


The verdict is in – AMCI’s new education tract – HITT on Demand – was a big success at this year’s Annual Meeting. Like throwing down an intense, fast workout, our High Intensity Interval Training sessions provide microlearning and soft skill opportunities on hot topics designed to enlighten and inspire AMC executives.

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Consider Joining Us

Dear AMCI Membership,

Many of us have watched as our industry wrestles with when and how to meet safely again. When the AMC Institute staff team worked with our industry partners to suggest shifting the Annual Meeting to June 2021, I know that the members of the Board took a collective deep breath and agreed to move forward. At the time we needed to make that decision, a relative handful of U.S. residents had received the vaccine, with no clear path forward for mass vaccination.

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Join us in Orlando, FL for the 2021 AMCI Annual Meeting!

Dear AMCI Member,

Yes, the rumors you have heard are true! We are optimistically moving forward with an in-person meeting, June 2-4, 2021 at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Resort, Orlando, Florida.

The decision to shift this meeting to June rather than convene in February virtually was based on the clear message voiced by our AMC members.  The AMC community is universally challenged by today’s ever-changing landscape.  You are in search of solutions and best practices that will set your firm up for success in meeting the needs of your clients today and in the future.  Yesterday is old news.  Your association clients are looking to you for thought leadership on how to drive past adversity toward stability and growth.  With your insight, AMCI’s Annual Meeting Committee has carefully designed Universal Change and the Evolving AMC: Innovation. Culture. Profit., a 2021 Annual Meeting that will push us all past our 2020 pivot! 

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Future-Focused: How AMPED Met Virtual Meetings Head-On

The word of the year for successful associations? Pivot.

For AMPED and our association clients who rely on annual conferences and trade shows to deliver education and grow membership, 2020 was a chance to explore virtual meeting options, try something new without fear of failure, and, yes, pivot.

It started in March, when the pandemic stay-at-home orders hit just weeks before the annual conference of one of our newest association clients. Staff immediately moved the meeting online and partnered with a virtual platform company to deliver four days of education with both live and prerecorded content. The result was a successful event whose net income was 28 times higher than was budgeted for the original in-person meeting!

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Demonstrating the Path Forward for Meetings and Events

ALHI’s goal is to lead the way in 2021 by demonstrating how face-to-face meetings can happen safely without sacrificing engaging on-site experiences.

Since July, ALHI hosted nine face-to-face meetings across the United States that served as learning labs for upcoming events. The meetings offered unique opportunities to observe and participate in new room settings, food and beverage setups, and safety measures, along with virtual experiences.

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