AMCI’s Inaugural HIIT Sessions were Can’t Miss at the Annual Meeting


The verdict is in – AMCI’s new education tract – HITT on Demand – was a big success at this year’s Annual Meeting. Like throwing down an intense, fast workout, our High Intensity Interval Training sessions provide microlearning and soft skill opportunities on hot topics designed to enlighten and inspire AMC executives.

Taking advantage of the live environment in Orlando and a one-hour time slot, attendees got to hear exceptional talks on executive coaching, DEI, and applying entrepreneurial principles to association management.  Each speaker effectively used 15 minutes, 6 to 8 concise slides and a compelling narrative to deliver insights and 3 actionable take-aways. Our goal was to offer bursts of knowledge while showing the agility and expertise of AMC community. Like HIIT physical training, maximum intake over a short amount of time not only gives you immediate energy, but also provides after-training residual benefits. As evidenced by the extended Q&A experience after each, participants were highly engaged with the content and the format.

With proven popularity and interest, the Re-Engaged Committee is excited to include HIIT at the October 4-6 meeting in Louisville. If you have ever envisioned a TED Talk you would give, have a unique perspective on a trend or innovation, or a skill that will benefit your colleagues and our industry please consider sharing it at this meeting Having the opportunity to present to this group, obtain feedback and learn from each other is an exceptional experience. If you need a little more context or inspiration - check out the summaries from the Annual below.

Management HQ, LLC, Dara Rudick, shared the impact of her intentional work around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and the impact this work can have on association management companies (AMCs) and the associations they serve.  Intended to be an overview for AMC owners and leaders in driving equity and inclusion throughout their AMC’s, Dara offered seven ways the team at MHQ has been intentional about this work including:

  • Define “Why” this work is important to you and your organization.
  • Personally Commit. You don’t have to know everything. Stay open to asking, learning, making mistakes, apologizing, and trying again.
  • Define Success and Track Progress.
  • Invest Resources including time; engagement; and money to assess, train, plan, implement and infuse DEI into your organization.
  • Equip your Full Team to Drive DEI Work.  Don’t assume or require historically underrepresented folks to lead DEI efforts.
  • Hold your Team Accountable. Clarify expectations of DEI as a core job function. Evaluate employees accordingly.
  • Lead: Be brave, strong, and open to learning; address issues; and hold space to talk, process and explore.

Paul J. Hanscom, CAE, of Ewald Consulting presented on Coaching for Executives.  The key takeaways from the presentation were:

  • If your company’s strategy is to grow existing clients, then growth-minded Account Executives are key to your success.
  • Existing client growth comes from changes the client and its industry are experiencing that result in more demand for your services, or changes your company is experiencing that result in new offerings you can supply. Account Executives need to know how to spot these supply & demand opportunities.
  • Account Executives are best positioned to spot growth opportunities when your company provides regularly, ongoing coaching to foster a growth mindset.
  • Clients that see their AMC as a growth partner increasingly value this partnership and will invest in it.

AMPED Association Management, Michael Battaglia, presented, “How to Apply Entrepreneurial Principles to Association Management: Understanding customers and solving problems.”  The presentation discussed how solving problems is the key to growing an entrepreneurial venture and this also can be applied in growing associations. The key takeaways were:

  • Associations solve problems for both members and non-members so it’s important to understand what your members/customers are doing on a day-to-day basis to identify and rank pains and gains.
  • Start with a hypothesis then get out of the building and talk to people to validate your learning. Using entrepreneurial tools like the business model canvas can help provide some structure to find product market fit for our associations.
  • The learn, build, measure loop can be used for any new or existing program or service because we are constantly evaluating our initiatives and deciding whether to pivot or persevere.
  • Entrepreneurs are everywhere if you apply the mindset to influence how you work on a day-to-day basis.

AMCI’s first venture into HIIT sessions was an incredible success. I look forward to hearing you present at one of our upcoming events. Submission information for Re-Engaged will open next week, so stay tuned! Associate Members can also get involved in the HIIT sessions at the 2022 Annual Meeting.  


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