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Accreditation History

Announcing the AMC Institute Single Accreditation Program

AMC Institute and ASAE join forces on accreditation program Single industry accreditation supported by Associations and AMCs
Washington D.C. (May 21, 2007) - To provide clearer direction to associations interested in being managed by association management companies (AMCs), the AMC Institute and ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership have agreed to come together to fully support a single AMC accreditation program.
At the ASAE Key AMC Committee meeting in Washington D.C. earlier this month, AMC Institute president Bob Waller, CAE and John Graham, CAE, President & CEO of ASAE, signed an agreement - capping off several years of research and collaboration.
The AMC Institute - formerly the International Association of Association Management Companies - is a nonprofit international trade association with more than 150 AMC members throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. ASAE & The Center serves as the professional membership society and leading voice of associations.
"Our two organizations share many of the same members so the creation of a single accreditation program is extremely beneficial," said Waller. "This partnership will help promote and improve the AMC industry."
AMC Institute and ASAE have maintained separate and independent accreditation programs for several years. More than 60 AMCs have achieved one accreditation or the other. About one third of these have dual accreditation. Last year, the AMC Institute submitted a proposal to ASAE & The Center detailing the benefits of a single accreditation program. A panel of ASAE & The Center’s AMC community leaders was convened, and after thorough consideration, recommended a single industry accreditation program administered by AMC Institute. The AMC Institute accreditation program is based upon their American National Standards (ANSI) approved standard for good AMC practices.
"We are thrilled to be partnering on such an important program and recognize the importance of working together to provide effective guidance to our members and stakeholders on high quality standards," said John Graham, CAE, President & CEO of ASAE. "This partnership combines the strength of both of our organizations and connects the focus of an industry trade association with the reach of a professional society."
Accreditation demonstrates a commitment and ability to deliver the highest quality service to present and potential clients. Participating AMCs must withstand a comprehensive independent audit of services and procedures to meet the stringent requirements - which focus on client relations and impeccable business operations.
Although the transition to a single program has already begun, the ASAE accreditation program will not be terminated for another three years. In addition, the more recently accredited AMCs can keep their ASAE Accredited AMC designation through the end of 2010. Throughout the transition, the AMC Institute will conduct educational workshops to assist any ASAE-accredited AMC interested in pursuing the new program.
This is not the first time the two organizations have worked together on behalf of the AMC industry. Previous partnerships include an industry marketing initiative and meeting programming.
"AMC Institute and ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership are committed to helping associations thrive and reach their full potential," said Sue Pine, executive vice president of the AMC Institute. "To this end, we will continue to collaborate on initiatives that advance best practices within AMCs."
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About Association Management Companies

Association management companies, or AMCs, are for-profit businesses that manage associations to help them grow and prosper. They offer the expertise, staffing and resources that allow professional societies, trade groups, not-for-profits and philanthropic organizations to effectively manage day-to-day operations and advance their long-term goals. AMCs deliver high levels of expertise and accountability so that associations can continue to increase their value and relevance to members.

Purpose driven, business led. Tailored management solutions for the non-profit community. 
The AMC model allows all services to be customized to meet specific goals. Whether your nonprofit is in the market for full-service management or specific services — strategic planning, membership development, communications, and more — AMCs leverage shared resources across multiple association clients to increase means and capabilities, including membership, marketing, finance, etc.

AMC Institute’s members are a valuable source of information and expertise to nonprofit organizations. AMC Institute AMCs provide a wealth of association management experience through proven best practices. Because they manage more than one association, their skills and knowledge base are broad and substantial.

AMCs provide their clients with unparalleled flexibility, agility, and financial advantages, which makes the AMC model a good alternative for managing many nonprofit organizations.

There are two primary models for working with AMCs:

Full Service: Many AMCs serve as an organization's headquarters, providing an experienced executive to work with a customized blend of other AMC-staff resources, managing day-to-day operations, supporting members, becoming the public face of the organization, all with staff members who are experts in the critical areas of association management and operations that are essential for success. And of special importance in this economy, retaining an AMC can lead to enhanced buying power, improved staff efficiency, and reduced overhead costs.

AMCs deliver turnkey management for all operating disciplines (ranging from membership, marketing and policy development to legal and risk management) and daily operations (including staffing, office space, equipment, contracts, technologies and member services).

Outsourced Services: Often organizations prefer an outsourced approach because AMCs offer scalability of service – staff and resources where and when they need it. Because AMC staff members are specialists in association management services, they serve as an extension of staff to help meet a client's specific needs.

Outsourced services may include executive, administrative and financial management; strategic planning; membership development; public affairs and lobbying; education and professional development; statistical research; meetings management; and marketing and communication services.


AMCs offer a wide array of benefits and advantages, including:

Operational and Staffing Benefits:

  • Customized staff and services
  • Broad spectrum of expertise
  • Day-to-day and ongoing staff management
  • Improved staffing and resource allocation
  • Proven best management practices and best-of-class resources and technologies

Financial/Business Benefits:

  • Efficiencies derived from leveraging shared resources
  • Improved buying power
  • Reduced business risks

Long-Term Benefits:

  • Greater member satisfaction resulting from the professionalism and responsiveness of staff
  • Freedom from daily operations that allows Boards to maintain their focus on mission and strategy
  • Integration of innovative strategies and ideas
  • Scalability to accommodate organization growth or contraction over time
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About AMC Institute

Founded in 1963, the AMC Institute (AMCI) is a non-profit trade organization focused on advancing professionalism and high industry standards for association management companies. (AMCs). AMCI provides expert support and resources to drive new business to members, champions accreditation to promote industry best practices, and creates educational and networking opportunities for AMCs to engage and learn from each other.

The AMC Institute represents over 180 association management companies that collectively provide full-service management to over 1,800 associations and provide project support to 900 additional associations. The total budget for associations managed by AMC Institute members is more than $1.5 billion annually and the associations represent 2.8 million members.

Vision and Mission

The AMC model will be the proven solution of choice for strengthening and growing the world’s association and non-profit community.

To advance the business interests of member association management companies and the AMC industry.

Brand Promise
We are guided by and committed to industry best practices, reinforcing the value of the AMC model for our clients, and supporting increased business opportunities for our members.


Learn more about our history here.

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