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AMC Institute membership is granted to companies and each company account maintains the profile information for each business. This may be used directly for membership matters and renewal. Individuals who work for member companies may have an account with AMCI and also take advantage of member benefits. In some cases, the name associated with the company account may also have an individual account. 

If you are interested in adding additional users from your company so they can also take advantage of member benefits, they may be added in the sub-account section of the master/company account's profile. If you have questions about this feature, please contact us at [email protected].

We also encourage each member company to have at least one person who is listed as a key contact. This key contact may be the same as the name associated with the master/company account. Multiple key contacts for a firm is permissible.

Association Management Companies

AMC Institute is the only trade association that is focused on the unique needs of association management companies. Membership in AMC Institute provides resources to help grow AMC business, streamline best practices, and facilitate networking. 

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Vendors and Suppliers to the Association Industry

Supplier partners are so important to the AMC industry that an Associate Member category exists to meet their specific needs. Membership in AMC Institute provides Vendors and Suppliers access to over 170 AMCs and the associations they manage. Find out how you can increase your brand's visibility by joining AMC Institute. 

Industry Partner Memberships
Want more information on AMC or Vendor/Supplier Memberships? Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 703-570-8955.