Thinking About Preparing An RFP?

Before you prepare your RFP, there are a few things that may be considered in order to make sure your search for management is a success.  If you are a consultant or association volunteer, we have resources that may be utilized to help you reach your desired results.

We know that volunteer leaders and consultants are genuinely concerned with the well-being of the organizations that they represent.  Association Management Companies want your organizations to grow and flourish as well.  Please view the information below in order to optimize your search process:

For Volunteer Leaders:

When to Use a Consultant

AMC Search Process Steps

Shopping for Shopping's Sake

For Consultants:

Best Practices for Consultants

Shopping for Shopping's Sake

The provided resources are geared towards assisting individuals and organizations with prudently selecting an AMC. If you are ready to prepare your RFP, click here.


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